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All personality cards in a player's deck other than the Main Personality cards are Allies. Allies are put into play in front of the player from his hand during Step 2) Play Non-Combat Cards. When placed, an ally's power stage is set at 3 levels higher than 0. Allies in play gain 1 power stage during Step 3) Power Up ever turn, regardless of the ally's PUR rating. Allies can be chosen to benefit from power-up cards instead of the Main Personality.

Special Note If you don't have an additional Scouter for an Ally, use a game card that is not in the game as a marker. Turn it face down and use a long edge to underline the power stage of your Ally.

Allies can take power stage damage directed at the Main Personality during combat, at the owning player's option. When an ally is reduced to 0 power stage, all remaining damage directed at the ally is taken as discards from the Main Personality's life deck as though the damage were to the Main Personality.

Allies can be used in combat, but only if the Main Personality's power rating is at 0 or one stage above 0. When this occurs the ally "takes over" the battle, using its card powers and playing attack cards from the player's hand just like a Main Personality. The Main Personality resumes control immediately after this Step 4) Combat ends.

Card powers that stop a foe from making a physical or energy attack in the next combat phase must be directed at a player's Main Personality OR Ally.

Deck Restrictions

Hero Main Personalities can have only Hero Allies in their decks, Villain Main Personalities can have only Villian Allies in theirs. Neither Heroes nor Villains can use the other side's personailities as Allies or have them in their decks.

Placement Restrictions

An ally can be put into play in front of a player only during Step 2) Play Non-Combat Cards. A player may not play a duplicate personality card of an ally already in play by any player, but a Personality card with a different level of that personality would be allowed. For example, even though John has a Saibaimen 2 in play, Jane can still bring out a Saibaimen 1 as her ally All levels of an ally that you play are treated as one ally, however, so you cannot play Saibaimen 1 and 2, for example as two different allies.

A player can freely cover an already played ally card with a higher level card of that same ally during Step 2) Play Non-Combat Cards. For example, a player can put down a level 2 Raditz card on top of a level 1 Raditz Ally he had played previously. Use only the higher level card in play. This will also allow other players to play any lower level version as their allies.

You may have duplicates or different levels of another player's Main Personality in your deck, but you cannot play any of them as Allies until the player of that personality has been eliminated fromt the game. For example, when someone is playing Vegeta as his Main Personality, nobody can play Vegeta as an Ally until the Vegeta player has exited the game.

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