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Beginning a New Game

Summary of Beginning a New Game

1) If not already built, build your deck
2) Find and place your Main Personality cards
3) Announce highest levels of your main personalities
4) Claim any Tokui-Waza (Favorite Fighting Style Advantage)
5) Using Scouter, set your Main Personality's power stage
6) Shuffle and place your Life Deck
7) Set your Warrior Sword counter to 0
Begin play with the Hero player

Details of Beginning a New Gam

Special Note After playing one time, you'll complete all seven items in less than a minute. Review Play Area Diagram if this is your first game.
  1. For a Quick Start game and first time players, if you have a Villain deck, simply remove any Personality cards that have blue backgrounds and are not your Main Personality. Keep them for Deck Building in the future. For more advanced players with additional game cards from Booster Packs, try building your own deck.
Special Note After playing the game a few times, you'll enjoy building new decks that focus on different strategies. That's part of the fun-using your own strategies to win!
  1. Remove all levels of the Personality cards of your Main Personality from the rest of the deck. Place these Main Personality cards, face up, in front of you on the playing surface. The levels should be in order, with your level 1 Main Personality card on top and the highest level on bottom.
Special Note In the basic game, there should be levels 1, 2, and 3, plus a level 4 promotional card if that card has been collected.
  1. All players announce the highest level of their Main Personality cards (probably 3 or 4 in the basic game) so that everyone knows the level necessary to achieve a Most Powerful Personality victory.

  2. Any player claiming a Tokui-Waza (Favorite Fighting Style Advantage- using just one martial arts style in one's deck) announces it.

  3. Using the Scouter, set the power stage on your lowest level Main Personality card at 5 stages higher than 0. For example, on the card on the Personality Card Breakdown, the Scouter would reveal level 900.
Special Note Feel free to place the top Main Personality card (the one with which you are using the Scouter) directly on the table. If you do, turn your other Main Personality cards face down until using them as though they were underneath your face up Main Personality card.
  1. Shuffle the rest of your deck (your Life Deck) and place it in front of you. Any other player may cut your deck once.

  2. Set your Warrior Sword counter to 0. Place your Warrior Sword counter in front of you on the playing surface.
Begin the game. The Hero player starts the game by following the steps in the During Your Turn section. If there is more than one Hero player, do rock-paper-scissors to determine who goes first (or if rock-paper-scissors is not familiar, the youngest Hero should have the first turn).

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