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Just like in the Dragon Ball Z episodes when two characters fight each other, this is your chance to sap the strength of your opponent and even defeat him! This section contains details on Step 4) of your turn, Combat. During this combat, you and the opposing Hero or Villain you now choose will attack each other back and forth until you both pass. Declaring your attack begins the combat phases with you attacking first.

Special Note By the way, don't expect to understand all of the details of attacks and defenses after reading this short section. More detail is provided in the following sections. After a couple more sections, start playing! You can always refer to these rules to help you out. You may want to have a stack of cards handy to look at while reading this, and be sure you've seen the card descriptions to see what they're all about.

Phase (a) Defender Draws 3 Cards

The defending player (the player you are attacking) draws 3 cards into his hand from his life deck.

Phase (b) Attacker Attacks

As the attacker, you may pass and go directly to Phase (d), or attack the defender in one of four ways:

Play a combat card (Physical or Energy) from you hand for an attack

Use one of your unused Non-Combat cards that you laid on the table earlier.

Use the card power from a Personality card for an attack

Discard any one card from your hand to make a Final Physical Attack

Phase (c) Defender Defends

The defending player may do one of the three below only if it directly blocks some or all of the attack:

Play a Combat card (Physical or Energy) from his hand to block an attack made on him.

Use one of his unused Non-Combat cards that he laid on the table earlier to block.

Use the card power from a Personality card to block an attack made on him.

After doing one of the above or passing, the defender then takes the resulting damage from the attack by reducing power stages, reducing anger, discarding life cards, or all three, as described in later sections. Review life cards before discarding to prevent discarding a Dragon Ball card. You'll know if the card power blocks the attack since the terminology on both the attack and defense cards will involve the same concept.

Phase (d) Fight Back?!

If this is your first time to get to this phase during your turn, repeat Phases (b) Attacker Attacks! and (c) Defender Defends, except this time the defending player is the attacker, and the previous attacker becomes the defending player. Otherwise, skip to the next phase, Fight Back and Forth Until Passing.

Phase (e) Fight Back and Forth Until Passing

Continue to repeat Phases (b) Attacker Attacks! and (c) Defender Defends and alternating your roles as attacker and defender each time you begin the Attacker Attacks! phase again. When you and your opponent consecutively choose not to attack (a pass followed directly by the other passing), this Step 4) Combat is finished. Play continues with Step 5) Discard.

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