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Dragon Balls

There are only seven Dragon Balls on Earth, each one represented by a card in the game. The planet Namek has more Dragon Balls, and those are detailed in an expansion of the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game.

Playing Dragon Ball Cards

Dragon Ball cards are Non-Combat cards, so they can be placed face up on the table during Step 2) Play Non-Combat Cards of your turn. The Dragon Ball cards are numbered one to seven. When a player plays a numbered Dragon Ball card face up in front of him, no other player can play a Dragon Ball card with the same number out of his hand while the first one is still in play. For example, anyone can put down the Dragon Ball One, but there can only be one Dragon Ball One in play at a time.

Special Note Once played onto the table, Dragon Ball cards cannot be discarded or otherwise removed from the game. Other cards that force destruction of discard cannot be used against Dragon Ball cards in play..

When a numbered Dragon Ball card is drawn from the life deck as damage to be discarded, check to see if another player has played it. If a duplicate is already in play, this newly-drawn Dragon Ball card is removed from the game. If it has not yet been played, it is not discarded but instead placed at the bottom of the owning player's life deck.

Capturing Dragon Ball Cards

To achieve a Dragon Ball Victory a player must have all seven Dragon Ball cards face up in front of him. A player could be the first to play each Dragon Ball card, one through seven, in frong of him, but more likely he will have to capture a complete set of Dragon Ball cards, taking some from the areas in front of other players. This is done in three ways:

Life Card Capture: When a single attack forces the other player to discard 5 or more life cards, the attacker has the right to capture and take any single Dragon Ball card from in front of that player. This can happen in any phase of Step 4) Combat.

Personality Capture: When Bulma, Krillin, Saibaimen, Chi-Chi, Tien, or Yamcha are used a Allies, they can try to capture Dragon Ball cards instead of doing damage. To do so, one of the Allies must make a successful attack on a Main Personality that forces the player to discard one or more life cards. Having done that, he can capture and take a Dragon Ball from that player instead of inflicting the life card damage.

Card Capture: There are cards in the game that provide for the capture of a Dragon Ball.

In all cases when you capture and take a Dragon Ball card from another player, regardless of the method, after moving the card to your area, turn it sideways to remind yourself to return it to its owner after the game.

Dragon Ball Card Powers

The first time a Dragon Ball card is played face up, that player gets all the benefits of that Dragon Ball's card powers. Those special Dragon Ball card powers are never again used in that game. Capturing a Dragon Ball card does NOT allow you to use the card power given on the Dragon Ball card.

Winning with Dragon Balls

When all seven Dragon Ball cards are in front of one player that player may have a Dragon Ball Victory. If that player placed the last Dragon Ball card on the table from his hand to complete his collection, the Dragon Ball Victory is immediate. If the player captured the last Dragon Ball card from another player to complete his collection, he must wait untill the start of his next turn to win. Other players can win in the meantime or capture some of the Dragon Ball cards back, but if nobody does so, the player achieves a Dragon Ball Victory at the start of his next turn.

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