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Drill Cards

Drill cards represent special powers gained by a Main Personality because of intensive study within a martial art. Because they are Non-Combat cards, they are put into play in front of a player from his hand during Step 2) Play Non-Combat cards. Unlike other Non-Combat cards, a Drill card is kept in play after use and its card power can be used many times for the owning player.

Drill cards stay in play until the Main Personality changes to another level. When anger or card play makes a Main Personality rise to the next level, all drills in play for that personality are discarded immediately.

A player can have Drill cards from only one color (as in the word "Blue" in the card title of a Drill card) in play at one time. A player may have more than one color of Drill cards in his deck, however. A player cannot have duplicate Drill cards (those with a color ithe card title) in play at the same time, but can have several different Drill cards in play at the same time. So, if a player has black Drill cards in play he cannot have red, blue, or orange Drill cards or any duplicate black Drill cards also in play.

When a player draws a Drill card into his hand that cannot be played because it does not match the color of a Drill card already in play, he shows it to all other players and then shuffles it back into his life deck. The player does not have to show it if he does not wish to shuffle it back into his life deck. He may discard it instead. In either case, the player does not get to draw another card.

A Drill card can have play restrictions such as "Cannot be used with other orange drills in play on the table." In this case, the Drill card cannot be played if any other player, including the card's owner, has orange Drill cards in play. Also, if another player places an orange Drill card on the table, the restricted card must be discarded immediately. If another player places the exact same card into play, both players lose this drill card. Similar card powers from two or more drill cards can be used at the same time by a player, and their effects are combined.

Special Powers for Named Drill Cards and Colorless Drill Cards

Named Drill cards (Drill cards with the Personality names in the card title) and Colorless Drill cards (Drill cards without a color word (i.e. Blue) in the card title) can be put into play along with any colored Drill cards without restriction. Unless otherwise restricted, up to 4 duplicates of any Named Drill card and 4 duplicates of any Colorless Drill card can be put into play at the same time, unlike other Drill cards. Named Drill cards and Colorless Drill cards are discarded just like the other Drill cards when the Main Personality changes levels.

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