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Example of Play

John and Sandra, having heard that the Dragon Ball Z Colliectible Card Game is a great game to play, bought DBZ CCG started decks and some booster packs. Sandra had already gotten a DBZ game card from a restaurant promotion. Later that day they meet at Sandra's house, bringing decks they made from the cards they collected. Each deck has 50 cards, which is the minimum number to play.

"I'm playing the hero Goku," John announces, placing his level 1, 2, and 3 Goku cards in front of him on the table with the level 1 card showing on top.
"Okay, I'm the villain Raditz." Sandra places her four Raditz personality cards out in front of her. "I collected the level 4 Raditz promotional card, see! So, since I've got a level 4 Raditz and you've only got a level 3 Goku, only I can win with a Most Powerful Personality Victory. I'll have to reach level 4 to win that way."
"Right," John agrees, "but we can both win with a Survival or Dragon Ball Victory. Are you picking a Tokui-Waza for this game?"
"No. Are you?"
"Yes, I'm going to declare orange as my Tokui-Waza."
"That means you can have only orange Combat and Non-Combat cards in your life deck, John, but your Main Personality's power up rating goes up by 1."
"Plus all the Move cards I want, remember, Sandra? Now we set our power stages. We put the Scouters 5 stages higher than 0, which is at 900 for my Goku."
"And 1500 for my Raditz."
"Okay, now we shuffle the rest of our cards and put them out face down. These are our life decks."
"Right. Now put our Warrior Sword counters on 0, since our Main Personalities start with no anger, and we're ready to play. John, you're playing the Hero, so you go first."
John refers quickly to the During Your Turn summary and begins his first turn. "Okay, I draw three cards into my hand." He picks up the top three cards from his life deck. They are the Orange Fighting Style-Standing Fist Punch (Card 1), Orange Fighting Style-One-Knuckle Punch (Card 2), and Mother's Touch (Card 90). They are all Combat cards. The first two are physical attack cards, the third lets him negate damage from an attack.
"Can you play a Non-Combat card?" Sandra asks.
"No, I'm not playing one. So, I'll just power up. My level 1 Goku's power up rating is 1."
"But you get to count it as 2 since you declared a Tokui-Waza."
"Thanks for reminding me, Sandra. So, I get to bump up his power stages by 2, taking it to 1100." (See Personality Card Breakout Card on first Rule Book page) John moves his Scouter up 2 stages on his level 1 Goku personality card.
"So, do you want to attack me? You don't have to."
"I know," John says, looking over the cards in his hand. "But I will."
"Now I get to draw three cards as the defender." Sandra pulls three cards from her life deck into her hand. They are Red Fighting Syle-Lunge Punch (card 6), Black Fighting Style-Elbow Strike (card 67), and the level 1 Vegeta personality card (card 173). The first two are Combat cards, the first of which is a physical attack, and the second negates damage from a physical attack.
"Okay, now I make my first attack... a One-Knuckle Punch physical attack." John plays that card down in front of him.
"Fine. I'll respond with an Elbow Strike. It negates your physical attack and raises my anger by 1." Sandra plays the card and adjusts her Warrior Sword counter to show "1".
"Now you get to attack back, Sandra."
"Yes. I'll use a Lunge Punch physical attack." She plays that card down from her hand. "Can you resond?"
"Yes, I'll play Mother's Touch, which negates the damage from you attack, but I have to discard it from play." John puts the Mother's Touch card off to the side, away from his discard pile and the rest of the game. "Now I can attack again, and I will use the card power on my Goku personality card, the Kamehameha Energy Attack. It costs me 1 power stage, but you have to discard 3 life cards unless you can counter." John moves his Scouter down on Goku to 1000.
"Sandra examines her cards and Raditz's card power. "Yes, I can use Raditz's Saiyan Energy Deflection card power, which brings the damage down to just 2 discards." She turns over and discards the top 2 cards from her life deck. One of them is Earth Dragon Ball 3 (card 75). "This Dragon Ball card hasn't been played on the table by either of us yet, so I get to put it at the bottom of my life deck rather than discard it."
"Okay. Do you have another attack back on me?"
"No, I pass," said Sandra, having used Raditz's card power and both Combat cards in her hand. She could use the last card in her hand, the Level 1 Vegeta personality card, to make a final physical attack, but she decides not to.
"Well, I'm not done. I'll use a Standing Fist Punch." John plays down that card from his hand. "Can you counter this?"
"No, so we have to check the Physical Attack Table to see how much damage I take. You're attacking with a power stage of 1000 and I'm defending with 1500. That's a 1, so I lose 1 power stage."
"Okay, but I get to raise my anger 1 for playing the Standing Fist Punch." John moves his Warrior Sword counter from 0 to 1. "Do you want to attack, Sandra?"
"No, I pass."
"I pass, too."
"Okay, the combat's over. We discarded the Combat cards we played. Since there was combat, we both have to discard down to one card in our hands. I played all of mine."
"I just have one left." Sandra keeps her level 1 Vegeta card, which she can simply play in her next turn as an ally.
"I did have combat, so I don't put a discarded card back into my life deck. That's it. Now it's your turn, Sandra."

Play continues as Sandra starts over with Step 1) Draw Three cards.

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