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Ruilkaarten Serie 2

Serie 2 bestaat uit 10 gouden kaarten (zilveren kaarten in de Europese versie), 4 transparante kaarten (alleen in de Amerikaanse versie) en 72 gewone kaarten. De kaarten zijn verkrijgbaar in 2 verschillende boosterpacks, namelijk een Amerikaanse en een Europese versie. In de Amerikaanse pakjes zitten 10 kaarten en de Europese slechts 6 kaarten. De prijzen voor een boosterpack zijn respectievelijk 7 en 6 gulden. In 1 op de 6 pakjes zit een gouden/zilveren kaart. Alleen in de Amerikaanse pakjes zit In 1 op de 24 pakjes een transparante kaart. Mijn advies is dan ook om voor die ene gulden meer Amerikaanse pakjes te kopen. Behalve het feit dat je meer waar voor je geld hebt, zijn de gouden kaarten veel mooier dan de zilveren (zowel qua kleur als qua kaart zelf omdat de gouden kaart in reliëf is uitgevoerd en de zilveren kaart is gewoon gedrukt), en heb je in de Amerikaanse pakjes ook nog eens de kans om de transparante kaarten tegen te komen. De prijzen van de lossen kaarten zijn voor de gewone kaarten 1 gulden, voor de gouden/zilveren kaarten 15 gulden, voor de transparante kaarten 50 (C2 en C3) tot 100 (C1 en C4) gulden.

Nr. Omschrijving Plaatje
G1 Goku plaatje
G2 Vegeta plaatje
G3 Krillin plaatje
G4 Frieza plaatje
G5 Zarbon plaatje
G6 Dende plaatje
G7 Piccolo plaatje
G8 Gohan plaatje
G9 Bulma plaatje
G10 Namekian Dragon plaatje
C1   plaatje
C2   plaatje
C3   plaatje
C4   plaatje
1 Goku risks his life by using the Triple Kaio-ken to destroy Vegeta! Vegeta is stunned, but Goku's body inflicted damage by the power of the Triple Kaio-ken, too. plaatje
2 The wounded Vegeta releases Gyaric Shoot to destroy both Goku and the Earth, but Goku retaliates with the Quadruple Kaio-ken's kamekameha. plaatje
3 In place of the destroyed moon, the wounded Vegeta creates an artificial moon as he transforms into a Monkey with 10 times the power. plaatje
4 Goku is nearly crushed by the Giant Monkey as he attacks the Monkey's right eye. plaatje
5 Gohan and Krillin, who had been watching the battle between Goku and Vegeta from afar, run into Yajirobe. Yajirobe catches the Giant Monkey off guard when he cuts its tail with his sword. plaatje
6 With Goku's encouragement, Gohan builds up his strength to battle with Vegeta, Goku transmits the remaining Force of the Spirit Bomb to Krillin. plaatje
7 Yajirobe's mistake allowed Vegeta to dodge the Spirit Bomb, but Gohan pushes it back towards Vegeta which hits him! plaatje
8 Vegeta attacks Gohan and friends with the power he has left. But Gohan who's tail has revived, looks at the artificial moon and transforms into a Giant Monkey. plaatje
9 Gohan, who transforms into a Giant Monkey, goes after Vegeta. The moment Vegeta cuts the tail off, he gets crushed by the Giant Monkey. plaatje
10 Vegeta boards on the spaceship. Goku stops Krillin from giving one final blow to Vegeta, as Vegeta departs from Earth swearing that he'll return to wreak vengeance. plaatje
11 Goku and friends are seriously injured and hospitalized. Bulma comes to visit them. She discovers a way to manipulate the remote control of the Saiyans' spaceship...But for some reason, the spaceship explodes. plaatje
12 Mr. Popo too Bulma to Yunzabit Heights, where they found the spaceship that Kami had come with when he was a child. plaatje
13 On the day of departure, Bulma wears a space suit, and she is stunned to see Krillin in his casual clothing and Gohan in his formal attire. They depart in an unpleasant mood. plaatje
14 On the 7th day away from Earth, Gohan and Krillin go through an extensive image training. All of a sudden, the spaceship is attacked! plaatje
15 Captured by the spaceship, Gohan and friends inspect the interior. Although they manage to escape from the traps, Bulma gets trapped! plaatje
16 In the spaceship, children whose planet was perished by Frieza were on board! Gohan and friends are suspected to be Frieza's servants. plaatje
17 Upon escaping the space current, Planet Namek appears before them! When Gohan and friends arrive, Planet Namek's Raiti and Zaacro are present. plaatje
18 They discover Dragon Balls one after another in the river, the ruins and in the lake where living organisms can dissolve. Thanks to Raiti, they gather 3 Dragon Balls in one day, BUT... plaatje
19 Even though Goku hasn't completely recuperated from his injury, he begins a rigorous training, while Vegeta receives medical treatment at Frieza's base. At last Vegeta has revived! plaatje
20 The 6th Dragon Ball is found in the icy cave! As soon as Gohan and friends obtain the 6th one, the cave suddenly begins to collapse! plaatje
21 They finally come to collect the last Dragon Ball at the lake, but there stands Raiti and Zaacro! They aren't people from Planet Namek. plaatje
22 Raiti and Zaacro try to escape by stealing the spaceship, while Gohan and Krillin are captured by man eating water creatures, but could not since Gohan and Krillin break loose in just enough time to destroy them. plaatje
23 Arriving one step ahead to Planet Namek was the evil King Frieza with Dodoria and Zarbon. Frieza attacks the village in Planet Name to collect all of the Dragon Balls. plaatje
24 Frieza's objective, as is Vegeta's, "Immortality!" Vegeta easily knocks down Cui since Vegeta's fighting capability had strengthened! plaatje
25 Frieza passes the cave in which Gohan and friends hid. Krillin and Gohan begin to tremble violently when they feel the vibe of Frieza's unbelievable fighting power. plaatje
26 Goku, who learns about the arrival of Vegeta and Frieza at Planet Namek, recuperates with Senzu Bean. He heads for capsule corporation on the Flying Nimbus. plaatje
27 Goku leaves for Planet Namek on the spaceship that Dr. Brief prepared! He will undergo an intense training session! plaatje
28 In order to rob the Dragon Balls, Frieza begins to attack the villagers. plaatje
29 The soldiers on Planet Namek come to help as they knock down Frieza's men. And when the old man learns that Frieza and men were searching for the village with a Scouter, he breaks them. plaatje
30 However, the old man is overcome when he doesn't reveal the location of the remaining 2 Dragon Balls. plaatje
31 When the lone Dende was about to get killed, Gohan came to the rescue! Krillin follows and the two get Dende and escape. plaatje
32 The enraged Dodoria blows away everything in his surrounding as Gohan and friends barely escape from the scene. When Dodoria tries to go back to Frieza's side, Vegeta unexpectedly confronts him! plaatje
33 Since Dodoria can't withstand teh power of Vegeta, Dodoria tells him the secret of Vegeta's home. Planet Vegeta was destroyed by Frieza?! plaatje
34 Goku steps outside of the spaceship to do some repairs, but his space boots get glued to the spaceship and can't move. An asteroid appears right in front of his eyes!!! With a king sized Kamekameha, he escapes. plaatje
35 After saving Dende, Gohan and friends dine and feel a big force. It is Vegeta, who is destroyig the village to steal the Dragon Ball. plaatje
36 Dende learns why Gohan and friends came from the earth, and pleads to save his friends. To protect the last Dragon Ball, Krillin and Dende hurry to Guru. plaatje
37 Back at the spaceship, King Kai spoke to Goku's heart. Piccolo and friends, trapped in another dimension, are at King Kai's planet to receive training from him. plaatje
38 Piccolo and friends learn from Goku about a presence in Planet Namek who has a stronger force than Vegeta's. King Kai is frightened to learn that presence is Frieza, and orders Goku to stay away from him. plaatje
39 On Planet Namek, Vegeta and Zarbon display a violent battle. But Zarbon was hiding his true powers. plaatje
40 Zarbon transforms into an ugly sight, overwhelmingly powering up! Now, the superior Vegeta could not keep up with the speed and power of Zarbon's. plaatje
41 Krillin and Dende reach Guru's house. There, Guru awakens Krillin's hidden powers. plaatje
42 Frieza suspects that Vegeta is hiding the Dragon Balls, so he orders Zarbon to look for Vegeta. plaatje
43 The Dragon Balls that Vegeta hid showed up on the Dragon Radar. Gohan hurries to gather those Dragon Balls!! plaatje
44 On Planet Kaio, the training for Yamcha and Tien continues. Although they were desperate to keep up with Bubbles and Gregory in the beginning, their extensive training was steadily increasing their abilities and skills. plaatje
45 But, taking part of King Kai's training, Yamcha and Tien surprised Piccolo with their growth in training. plaatje
46 Vegeta succeeds in stealing five Dragon Balls from Frieza! Moreover, he discovers Krillin with a Dragon Ball and starts his pursuit. plaatje
47 Krillin, jovial that he had become stronger, does not notice Vegeta. As soon as Krillin reaches the cave where Bulma awaits, Vegeta catches up to him. plaatje
48 Krillin and friends panic to find Vegeta, and now Zarbon! Meanwhile, Goku's spaceship is being thrust into a fierce magnetic storm. plaatje
49 Affected by the magnetic storm, something goes wrong with the gravity generator! Goku is made to undergo 100 times the gravitational pull. Although the apparatus turned off, Goku was heavily wounded. plaatje
50 Vegeta, who further powered up from the revival, defeats Zarbon and sends him to another dimension. plaatje
51 Goku's training is completed!!! Goku who acquires the power that surpasses the Saiyan, decides to rest for the upcoming battle. plaatje
52 Although Gohan obtains the Dragon Ball that Vegeta hid, he runs into Vegeta on his way back. But Vegeta leaves without a fight. plaatje
53 Gohan, who kept the Dragon Ball hidden, joins Krillin, and heads to Saichorou. Bulma goes to the sea in her submarine to look for the Dragon Ball. plaatje
54 Bulma is captured by Frieza's men, Raspberry and Blueberry, but lies to them that the Dragon Ball is still in the sea somewhere. Raspberry and Blueberry begin searching ocean ground. plaatje
55 A gigantic crab egg was at the bottom of the sea. In order to protect the egg, the gigantic crab behaves violently, inevitably overpowering Frieza's men. Meanwhile, Goku was about to complete his training in the 100 times the gravitational pull chamber. plaatje
56 Gohan is powered up by Guru. But, he is no match for Vegeta,....... And all of a sudden, five strong forces approach. plaatje
57 It is the arrival of the Special Ginyu Team! Vegeta, Gohan and Krillin agree to join forces this one time to fight the Special Ginyu Team. The only way to beat the Special Ginyu Team is to immortalize Vegeta using the Dragon Ball! plaatje
58 Joining forces with Vegeta, Gohan and Krillin collect all of the Dragon Balls. But, the moment Krillin hesitates, the Special Ginyu Team appears and steals them away in an instant. plaatje
59 Ginyu delivers the Dragon Balls to Frieza but the four remaining Ginyu forces stay to fight against Vegeta, Gohan and Krillin. Guldo fights Gohan and Krillin and Recoome fight Vegeta. plaatje
60 A battle between Gohan and Krillin versus Guldo's battle begins. Although Guldo's fighting powers are weak, he has the ability to stop time! plaatje
61 Gohan and Krillin's speed greatly surpassed Guldo's expectations. Backed into a corner, Guldo uses the paralyzing technique to keep the two from moving. plaatje
62 At full power, Vegeta launches a preemptive attack on Recoome. The fighting power of 20,000 hardly damages Recoome... plaatje
63 Recoome's Eraser Gun is about to give the finishing blow, but Gohan and Krillin inserts an attack and saves Vegeta. plaatje
64 Although Frieza collected all of the Dragon Balls, he doesn't know the procedure to get his wishes granted. In order to find out how, Frieza goes to Guru. plaatje
65 Recoome battles Gohan nonchalantly. The full power blast from Gohan only burns Recoome's hand. Recoome attacks Gohans as if he is enjoying the battle. plaatje
66 Goku, not only forces Gohan and Krillin to eat the Senzu beans, but also gives one to Vegeta as well. Goku then goes into Krillin's memory and realizes that Gohan and Krillin were saved by Vegeta. plaatje
67 Looking at Goku;s calm and collected appearance, Gohan and Krillin become uneasy, thinking he doesn't realize the strength of his opponent..... However, Goku knocks Recoome down in one swift and blow! plaatje
68 With the blow, Goku defeats Recoome! Unbelievable strength!! Can Goku be the legendary Super Saiyan...?! plaatje
69 Jeice and Burter did not believe Goku defeated Recoome with his own abilities. Then both of them simultaneously battle Goku, but, none of their attacks hit him. plaatje
70 Goku was momentarily heightening his force, so the scouter was unable to detect his strength. Goku repels their combination attack, the Purple Comet Flash, with one hand. plaatje
71 Goku's speed exceeds Burter's, who is known to be the fastest in the universe. In order to show Jeice and Burter that his strength also exceeds their own, Goku knocks Burter in one blow. plaatje
72 From no where, Vegeta delivers the final blow to kill the already immobile Recoome and Burter. Jeice then returns with Captain Ginyu. plaatje

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