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Ruilkaarten Serie 3

Serie 3 bestaat uit 10 gouden kaarten, 3 transparante kaarten en 72 gewone kaarten. De kaarten zijn verkrijgbaar in boosterpacks waar 10 kaarten in zitten. De prijs voor een boosterpack is 8 gulden. In 1 op de 6 pakjes zit een gouden. In 1 op de 24 pakjes zit een transparante kaart. De prijzen van de lossen kaarten zijn voor de gewone kaarten 1 gulden, voor de gouden/zilveren kaarten 15 gulden, voor de transparante kaarten 50 tot 100 gulden.

Nr. Omschrijving Plaatje
G1 Explosive rage! Goku, avenge us all! Frieza, having recognized Goku as a Super Saiyan, is enraged with extreme humiliation. plaatje
G2 Frieza has eliminated Vegeta by piercing a hole through his chest, Goku arrives and is ready to square off against Frieza. plaatje
G3 After an unsuccessful attempt to summon the dragon, Krillin realizes that a password is required. He races off to Guru's place to find out what it is. plaatje
G4 Finally, Goku has transformed into the legendary Super Saiyan! plaatje
G5 In order to rescue Piccolo from the fierce attacks of Frieza, Gohan enters the counterattack. He overwhelmes Frieza with a Masenko blast. plaatje
G6 Frieza is beginning to be overcome by Piccolo and Gohan's amazing counterattack. Frieza makes his third transformation and at long last enters the final showdown. plaatje
G7 A confident Piccolo, having removed his weighted clothing, challenges Frieza to battle. plaatje
G8 Using the Dragon Balls, Vegeta was transported to Earth. Knowing that Goku and Frieza would soon perish with the planet Namek he boasts that he is now the strongest being in the universe. plaatje
G9 As Frieza's force increases and expands, the battle jacket he is wearing is ripped apart. He transforms into a gigantic monster. With the fighting power of one million! plaatje
G10 Frieza finds out that Piccolo has been fighting while hiding his true powers. Enraged Frieza makes his second transformation. plaatje
C1   plaatje
C2   plaatje
C3   plaatje
1 Ginyu attempts to show off Goku's body at its maximum strength. But he is unable to because he is unaccustomed to his new form. plaatje
2 Ginyu was beginning to "Change Now!" back into Vegeta when Goku instantly hurled a Kaeru. Instead, Ginyu turned into a Kaeru! plaatje
3 Goku and Ginyu's man-to-man combat begins! Jeice tries to back up Ginyu but Ginyu wants a fair fight and scolds Jeice. Show me your true strength, urges Ginyu. plaatje
4 Goku is Ginyu? Ginyu is Goku? Ginyu replaces his body with Goku's through a "Change Now!" plaatje
5 Goku with Ginyu's body. Unaccustomed to Ginyu and his injured body, Goku cannot fly fast. plaatje
6 The seriously injured Goku takes Vegeta's recommendation and gets medical treatment from the medical machine. The final showdown with Frieza is approaching. plaatje
7 Gohan and Krillin discover a Dragon Ball next to Frieza's spacecraft. They make a wish but they don't understand the old language and are not able to summon the Shenron. plaatje
8 Gohan and crew were summoning the Shenron. The wish must be said in the old language of Namekian. Only three wishes... plaatje
9 The Super Shenron can only grant three wishes. Their only choice: to beat Frieza by bringing Vegeta back to life. But the Dragon Balls have turned into stones! The Saichorou is dead. plaatje
10 The situation changes! The warrior Piccolo arrives late. Frieza's amazing fighting power is pushing Gohan to the edge. Will this reverse the tide? plaatje
11 The Super Shenron can grant 3 wishes. If Piccolo is resurrected then Kami will revive the earthly Dragon Balls. With the next wish, Piccolo is warped to Planet Namek. plaatje
12 Frieza hurls the skewered Krillin. Gohan tries to go and help but is intercepted by the powered-up Frieza. plaatje
13 As Piccolo is rushing to battle he discovers Nail. On the verge of death, Nail asks for Piccolo to merge with his body to defeat Frieza. Piccolo and Nail unite, giving them ultimate power. plaatje
14 The Dragon Balls have turned into stones! A bad omen... the Saichorou is dead. Also, Frieza appears before Gohan and the others. plaatje
15 An angry Gohan unleashes a powerful kick at Frieza. Gohan pummels Frieza with full power Thunder strikes in his attack. plaatje
16 Frieza is raving mad because his wish was not granted. The force of his anger is now greater than for any other enemy. plaatje
17 Gohan attacked with full power Thunder strikes but Frieza was not damaged. Frieza increases his fighting power and counterattacks Gohan. plaatje
18 Ginyu in Bulma's body was about to "Change Now!" into Piccolo. But suddenly Gohan throws Bulma (in the form of Kaeru), turning Ginyu back into Kaeru. plaatje
19 Frieza was still hiding his true powers. At last, he releases his full force and attacks Piccolo. Piccolo throws off his cloak and turban and fights wearing the cloak he had on under the old one. plaatje
20 Piccolo and Frieza's first fight begins. Krillin can't hide his anxiety from the confident Piccolo. Only Gohan believes tha Piccolo has a chance of winning. plaatje
21 Piccolo rejects the offers of assistance from Gohan and the others. He will challenge Frieza alone. Frieza falters as he realizes that Piccolo and Nail have united. plaatje
22 When Goku sees the faces of his friends in the back of his mind, he risks it all with a Kaio-ken x 20. Although he hurled a full-body Kamehameha, it didn't work on Frieza. plaatje
23 Jusr as Frieza was going to strike a finishing blow on Gohan, a Destructo-Disk cuts off Frieza's tail. Through Dende's ability, Krillin has come back to life. plaatje
24 Goku suffers serious injuries from his fight with Ginyu. He heals his wounds with the medical machine before the showdown with Frieza. plaatje
25 Vegeta asks Krillin to nearly kill him. After one more resurrection, he can become a Super Saiyan. With Piccolo's added persuation, Dende revives Vegeta. plaatje
26 The fight with Piccolo was a complete reversal. However, Frieza still has two transformations left. plaatje
27 Frieza, powered up with his second transformation, overwhelms Piccolo by rapid firing Thunder strikes from his fingers. Piccolo is torn to shreds. plaatje
28 As Vegeta dies he asks Goku to help ease the troubles of the Saiyans. With the pride of the Saiyans in his heart, Goku challenges Frieza.s plaatje
29 Vegeta has confidence. Vegeta who is supposed to be a Super Saiyan, challenges Frieza to a fight. But Frieza won't let Vegeta or the others near him. plaatje
30 While Krillin throws Friea into confusion, Dende uses the moment to bring Gohan back to life. Gohan's fighting power is increased, but will it be enough to match Frieza? plaatje
31 Frieza's power in its final transformation frightened Piccolo and the others even before the fight. Frieza's finger lights up and in the next instant the light beam is a direct hit on Dende. plaatje
32 Gohan rushes out to help Piccolo shooting a full power Thunder strike. The overpowered Frieza begins his final transformation. plaatje
33 Frieza makes a swift, fierce attack on Goku. Frieza brags that the battle is like simple practice exercises. Goku replies if that is so then how disappointing! plaatje
34 Bulma, all alone on Planet Namek, meets Ginyu in the form of Kaeru. They "Change Now!" plaatje
35 Piccolo and the others can only watch as Vegeta is completely dominated by Frieza. Then, at last, Goku is resurrected. plaatje
36 Frieza could sense that something about Goku's strength was different than other previous Saiyans. plaatje
37 Goku begins to make a Spirit Bomb while battling defensively. A giant Spirit Bomb appears in the sky. A king-sized Spirit Bomb - this will be the final payoff! plaatje
38 planet Kaio where Recoome and others of the special Ginyu team appeared. Yamcha and crew are stunned upon seeing their fighting pose. plaatje
39 Frieza is deceived by two Kamehameha blasts from underwater. In that instant a decisive kick! But Frieza was left unscathed. plaatje
40 Frieza asks Goku to become his apprentice. Of course, Goku rejects the offer. Frieza brags that he can defeat Goku with only 50% of his power, even considering Goku's hidden strengths. plaatje
41 A carefree Frieza announces to Goku that he can fight him with no hands. Frieza attacks with his tail and Goku counterattacks by biting it. Frieza ends up using his hands! plaatje
42 Piccolo and the others feel the impending doom of the super showdown which is about to begin. They retreat to a safe place. "Get Frieza", they yell. Goku's only reply is to stand silently facing away. plaatje
43 Frieza and Goku's incredible battle begins. While back on Earth, Chi-Chi is frantic about saving Gohan. plaatje
44 Frieza's terrifying declaration: I will destroy you with no hands! The overconfident Goku warns Frieza that he can see his many weaknesses. plaatje
45 Goku hurls a Kaio-ken x 20 at Frieza but it only bruises him. However, Frieza, feeling humiliated, attacks Goku in a rage. plaatje
46 Goku feels like Frieza wasn't bluffing when he bragged that he could defeat him with only 50% power. The Kaio-ken x 10 didn't even have any effect.... plaatje
47 The super showdown begins! "I will destroy you!" cries Goku. In the next instant, Goku charges. At last the true battle has begun. plaatje
48 This time Goku has been enveloped by an energy ball. Frieza attempts to attack Goku who is paralyzed by the blow. But, Goku, with super speed, successfully, escapes. plaatje
49 By battling the powerful enemy Frieza, Piccolo was buying time to enable Goku to finish the Spirit Bomb. Frieza was unaffected by the attack. plaatje
50 Goku goes into a rage as he sees Piccolo and Krillin defeated. His anger overflows and envelopes his body in a feeling of strength. Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan. plaatje
51 With incredible strength, Frieza hacks the ground of Planet Namek. Goku, burning with power, risks everything with a Kaio-ken x 20 Kamehameha. plaatje
52 Goku, transformed into a Super Saiyan, tells Gohan to take Piccolo back to Earth. Gohan believes that Goku will definitely return, so he leaves. plaatje
53 Frieza is totally confident that he can defeat even a Super Saiyan. However, the ray beams from his fingers are completely dodged by Goku. plaatje
54 The clash of two great super powers! The true war of human bullets begins! Super powers explode - can Goku win?! plaatje
55 Frieza is vexed by Goku's carefree attitude. Frieza blasts a double Enhanjo force but will it affect Goku? plaatje
56 Goku was buried in the ground by Frieza's attack. Gohan senses this and rushes to the battleground to fight in Goku's place. plaatje
57 Frieza was slashed! While rejoicing in their victory, Goku and the others head home. But wait, Frieza appears! The Spirit Bpmb had no affect on Frieza. plaatje
58 Frieza is immediately thwarted by a full power reaction from Goku. Goku, satisfied with Frieza losing his pride, tries to quit the battle. plaatje
59 Goku dodges Frieza's attack. What will you do Frieza? Declare Goku the victor? plaatje
60 Two minutes left until Planet Namek explodes. Goku and Frieza battle fiercely as they try to settle the score once and for all. plaatje
61 Piccolo sends Kami and the others off to Shinsenkai but the Makyo star is the closest. The Mazoku's power increases by ten times. Garlic Jr. becomes gigantic and the previously defeated Sugar is revived. plaatje
62 Frieza fired a double force Enhanjo but it is dodged by Goku. It ends up slashing Frieza himself. Frieza begins to plead for his life, Goku shares some of his power with Frieza. plaatje
63 The battle of Planet Namek ends with Goku's crushing victory. But then Goku is hit from behind by a final strike from Frieza! Goku blows Frieza away with a Fury Blast. Goku is victorious! plaatje
64 Gohan and the others leave Maron in the Korin Tower and head to Kami's lookout. Piccolo and the Spice Boys were the ones awaiting Gohan in Kami's lookout. plaatje
65 Gohan is in a desperate battle for the hostages. Kami and Mister Popo. Garlic Jr., who hlds a grudge against Gohan, concentrates his assault on the Spice Boys. Krillin becomes a shield for a direct hit from Salt's ray beam and Gohan's anger explodes! plaatje
66 Garlic Jr. plans to rule the world by turning humans into demons. Gohan and Krillin were able to keep from breathing in the mist that turns them into demons. However, Bulma of Kame House breathed in the mist, was demonized, and attacked Gohan! plaatje
67 Garlic Jr., the one who in the past confined Goku and the others in the Dead Zone, is back to life! Together with the Spice Boys, he attacked Kami's lookout and imprisoned Kami and Mister Popo in a small bottle. plaatje
68 Piccolo battles the Spice Boys and is commanded by Gohan to go to Kami's lookout. But then, Gohan is bitten by a demonized Yamcha and is turned into a demon! plaatje
69 Garlic Jr., who has been revived from the Dead Zone, leaves Kami's lookout. He heads to Earth to release his Black water mist on the humans to turn them into demons. plaatje
70 Kami tries to push through the boundary of the Maisenkai. But before he is extracted from the bottle, his hand begins to disappear. Is this a bad omen? Kami and Piccolo (united with Nail) are in a pinch. But Kami, with all his strength, makes a forceful breakout. Garlic Jr. tries to stop Piccolo by stabbing at him but his actions are thwarted by Gohan. plaatje
71 Gohan slashes Garlic Jr.'s stomach open. But because he was immortalized by a Dragon Ball in the past, Garlic Jr. cannot be destroyed. Garlic Jr. is kept in check by attacks from Piccolo and Krillin, urged on by Gohan. plaatje
72 Garlic Jr. was revived by his own latent power, which was increased when he approached the Makyo Star. However, if the Black water mist is used longer than 24 hours, he cannot return to his original form even if he drinks the Sacred water. plaatje

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