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Ruilkaarten Serie 4

Serie 4 bestaat uit 86 kaarten: 72 gewone kaarten, 10 Prism Cards en 4 Clear Cards. De kaarten zijn verkrijgbaar in boosterpacks waar 5 kaarten (4 gewone en 1 Prism) in zitten. De prijs voor een boosterpack is ongeveer € 2,00. In 1 op de 24 pakjes zit een Clear Card. De prijzen van de lossen kaarten zijn voor de gewone kaarten en de Prism Cards € 0,50 en voor de Clear Cards € 50,00.

Nr. Omschrijving Tekst op de achterkant Plaatje
01 Mystery boy and Goku The mystery boy confessed to Goku that he was Vegeta's son, Trunks, from the future. He came to warn of the Androids that will appear in three years. voorkant
02 Frieza and the Great King Cold Frieza and his father the Great King Cold, appear from a giant spaceship. voorkant
03 A young man appears A young man suddenly appears in front of Frieza. "I know that you will die here," the boy says and proceeds to fell Frieza's men. voorkant
04 Vegeta is angered The mystery boy proclaims that Goku is not the only Super Saiyan, and then he himself transforms into a Super Saiyan. Watching from a distance, Vegeta is angered by the existence of the Super Saiyan boy. voorkant
05 Mystery boy repels the blow Frieza is enraged at the sight of the Super Saiyan. He attacks with a force 10 times the power used when he exterminated the Planet Namek. But, the boy repels the blow. voorkant
06 Goku escapes Goku narrowly escapes in Ginyu's spaceship the instant that Planet Namek explodes. On the planet where they crash-landed, they just learned the art of instantaneous movement. voorkant
07 Intensive training Goku, Piccolo and Gohan begin their training in anticipation of the battle when the Androids will appear in three years. The intensive training goes smoothly and Gohan shows progress. voorkant
08 Vegeta trains in the Gravity Room Vegeta undergoes intensive training in the Gravity Room built by Dr. Brief. Vegeta's feeling of rivalry with Goku burn even stronger and he intensifies his training. voorkant
09 Android Goku and the others couldn't sense the presence of the Android because it has no force. Then the Android came down into the city. voorkant
10 Yamcha Yamcha happens upon the Android, which has evaded detection because of its lack of a force. He is killed by #20 with one swift and effortless stab. voorkant
11 Super Saiyan Goku and Trunks Goku and Trunks. Will the two Super Saiyans be able to defeat the Android? Can they change the future?! voorkant
12 Yajirobe delivers the Senzu Beans Before the fight with the Android, Yajirobe comes and delivers the Senzu Beans to Goku and company. Upon his return, the Air Car that Yajirobe was riding in explodes. voorkant
13 Two Androids The two Androids that descend into town easily defeated Yamcha. Goku and the others are shocked at how easily #20 defeated Yamcha. Moreover, the Android was fully aware of Goku and company. voorkant
14 Goku Goku tries to avoid a battle within the city but #20 says, "that is unnecessary," and proceeds to destroy the city. The enraged Goku orders #20 to move out. voorkant
15 Super Saiyan Goku Goku moves the battleground outside the city. Transforming into a Super Saiyan, he confronts the spiritless demon Androids. voorkant
16 Piccolo Piccolo is questioning Goku's powers during Goku's fight with #19. He knows that Goku, who became a Super Saiyan, has even greater powers. voorkant
17 Tien Goku and company each do training until the Androids appear. After Tien joins forces with them, they head to the island where the Androids will appear. voorkant
18 Yamcha escapes death Yamcha, who was indifferently slain by the Androids, escapes death by eating the Senzu Bean. Then he realizes the secret of the Androids' ability to absorb power. voorkant
19 Super Saiyan Goku battles #19 Transformed into a Super Saiyan, Goku battles #19. But something is different about his Super Saiyan powers. Goku's situation becomes more and more painful, and desperate. voorkant
20 #19 absorbs the Kamehameha Goku attempts to finish off the battle in a single blow by blasting a Kamehameha. But #19 absorbs the Kamehameha and turns it into his own power. voorkant
21 The battle has begun The battle between Super Saiyan Goku and #19 has begun. Goku punches and kicks explode upon #19. Piccolo senses something peculiar about Goku's powers. voorkant
22 Goku's power is depleted From the fight with #19, Goku's power is depleted and he hold his chest painfully. Even though he ate the Senzu Beans, Goku does not recover his strength. It must be an infection after all! voorkant
23 Vegeta rescues Goku Vegeta rescues Goku and then somehow he transforms into a Super Saiyan. Mad at himself for being defeated by Goku, he awakens to become a Super Saiyan. voorkant
24 Trunks Piccolo and company battling the Androids. There, the young man Trunks, is shocked that #19 and #20 are different from the previous Androids. voorkant
25 Vegeta heads to Dr. Gero's lab The confident Vegeta heads for Dr. Gero's laboratory to fight the Androids, #17 and #18. Piccolo and company follow after him. voorkant
26 Androids #17 and #18 Vegeta and the others heard about the existence of #17 and #18 from #20. #20 is actually Dr. Gero. #17 is a boy with long hair and #18 is a young girl. voorkant
27 Krillin meets #17 Krillin discovers Dr. Gero's who found his way to the laboratory. However, he wasn't in time; #17 and #18 had been awakened. Is it now too late for everything? voorkant
28 Trunks and Vegeta Trunks tells Vegeta how terrible #17 and #18 are. But because of his new found confidence at becoming a Super Saiyan, Vegeta wants even more to fight #17 and #18. voorkant
29 Trunks heads off Trunks and Vegeta head off in search of #20, which fled to the laboratory. Their fears became increasingly real. voorkant
30 Vegeta arrives Vegeta arrives with Piccolo and the others at the laboratory where #17 and #18 were awakened. Inside the lab, #17 is rebelling against Dr. Gero. voorkant
31 Piccolo heads to Kami's Lookout Piccolo was done in without lifting a finger against #17. He heads to Kami's Lookout to fuse with Kami and obtain his final power. voorkant
32 #17 and Dr. Gero The rebellious #17 ends up destroying Dr. Gero. #18 awakens #16 which was created to destroy Goku. voorkant
33 Trunks, Vegeta and Krillin Vegeta and company were surprised that #20 and the others were not the Androids that Trunks was talking about. In that moment, #20 escaped to the laboratory. voorkant
34 Super Saiyan Vegeta Vegeta is awakend as a powerful Super Saiyan! With a renewed understanding that he is the prince of a race of battle Saiyans, Vegeta is full of conficende. voorkant
35 Tien and Piccolo The Super Saiyan Vegeta overwhelms the Androids. His strength amazes Piccolo and the others. He has strength that is beyond Trunk's imagination and even greater than #17's information capabilities. voorkant
36 #19 attacks Super Saiyan Vegeta The Super Saiyan Vegeta doesn't even flinch at #19's attack. #19's strength is no match for Vegeta, and it is easily overpowered. voorkant
37 Vegeta destroys #19 Vegeta destroys the fleeing #19. In the face of Vegeta's overwhelming strength, #20, as Dr. Gero, flees and tries to return to its laboratory. voorkant
38 Goku is infected To eliminate Goku, #17 and company got a car and are heading for his house. Goku, who is infected and bed-ridden, is evacuated to Kame House. voorkant
39 Piccolo arrives at Kami's Lookout Piccolo arrives at Kami's Lookout and urges Kami to fuse with him. However, Kami hesitates to fuse before he confirms whether #17 and the others will make a shambles of Earth. voorkant
40 Piccolo and Kami In order to return to his original state as a Namekkian and obtain his maximum power, Piccolo urges Kami to fuse. But, Kami still hesitates. voorkant
41 Three Androids #17 and others target Goku's house to destroy him. Ignored by #17 and company, an angered vegeta quickly catches up with them. Vegeta will make #18 his first opponent. voorkant
42 Vegeta readies for battle While Vegeta battles an even match, Piccolo and company are rushing to #18. Vegeta's strength is beyond both Trunk's imagination and the information capabilities of #17. voorkant
43 Vegeta battles #18 Vegeta defends himself against the unlimited energy of #18. The #18's explosive kick breaks Vegeta's left arm. voorkant
44 Vegeta is in a desperate fight Vegeta was in a desperate situation in his fight with #18. Trunks and the others were off to the rescue. But if anyone tries to interrupt the fight between Vegeta and #18, they will be confronted by #17. voorkant
45 Cell Piccolo has Super Saiyan power after fusing with Kami. In front of him a mysterious figure reveals itself. The creature is Cell with forces of Frieza and Goku. voorkant
46 Trunks and Vegeta Recommeded by Goku to take the training in the Pendulum Room, Vegeta comes to Kami's Lookout and enters the Pendulum Room along with Trunks. voorkant
47 Vegeta is defeated Vegeta is completely destroyed by his rival #18. Previously full of confidence at becoming a Super Saiyan, Vegeta is bitterly defeated and leaves the battle scene. voorkant
48 Gohan discovers the skin of a mysterious creature Near the antiquated time machine, Gohan discovers the shredded skin of a mysterious creature. He grows anxious not knowing where the original owner of the shredded skin went. voorkant
49 Two time machines Trunks and the others go to where the time machine is located. There they discover the antiquated time machine. it is the same as the one that Trunks came in. voorkant
50 Trunk's discoveries Trunks and the others find an antiquated time machine, an oddly shaped eggshell, and the shredded skin of a mysterious creature. Trunks can't hid his uneasiness concerning the whereabouts of the owner of the shredded skin. voorkant
51 Bulma and an odd eggshell Trunks discovers an oddly shaped eggshell in the pilots seat of the time machine. On top of that, it is clear that the time machine had arrived one year before the time when Trunks defeated Frieza. voorkant
52 Cell takes Piccolo's life essence Piccolo is caugth by Cell and his life essence is sucked out through his left arm. With the odds against Piccolo, Cell reveals its amazing true nature. voorkant
53 Cell readies for Piccolo's next attack With Cell as his opponent, Piccolo launches a one-sided attack. Somehow Cell is able to send out Piccolo's own ultimate waepon, the Special Beam Cannon. Then in the next attack... voorkant
54 Cell blasts a Kamehameha Somehow, in his attack on Piccolo, Cell blasted one of Goku's Kamehameha. Piccolo narrowly avoids the Kamehameha, but is captured by Cell. voorkant
55 Androids were created by Dr. Gero The Androids were created by Dr. Gero using actual cells he had collected from Goku, Frieza and others. #17 and #18 were called forth into the present using the time machine. voorkant
56 Trunks discovers the cell incubators in Dr. Gero's lab Trunks and Krillin headed to Dr. Gero's laboratory, where they discovered cells in incubators in the basement of the lab. They then destroy the basement lab. voorkant
57 Kami resolves to fuse with Piccolo Watching from Kami's Lookout at the world below, Kami wipes out all the inhabitants. He discovers the mysterious creature, and resolves to fuse with Piccolo. voorkant
58 Piccolo is reborn Kami hesitated to fuse with Piccolo. But with appearance of the creature, he resolved to assimilate with Piccolo. At last Piccolo, with a new Super Saiyan-powered life, is reborn. voorkant
59 Piccolo's superior powers Vegeta comes back to Piccolo who was angered that Cell had escaped him. Vegeta was feeling indignant about Piccolo's superior powers. voorkant
60 Cell in another city Piccolo immediately goes after the escaped Cell, but he cannot detect it because Cell has no life sign. All the while, Cell was moving to another city. voorkant
61 Piccolo repels the Special Beam Cannon Piccolo easily repels the Special Beam Cannon that was sent out by Cell. Cell is still not fully operational and thus, his strength is not as great as Piccolo has feared. voorkant
62 Piccolo battles Cell Trunks and Krillin join forces with Piccolo in the battle with Cell. Cell realized it stood no change of winning and fled. It was unleashed on the city. voorkant
63 Cell flees from Piccolo Cell fled from Piccolo and the others, and arrived at another city where it attacked the people, steadily storing up life energy. voorkant
64 Trunks and a terrifying discovery At the place where the time machine is located, Trunks and company are terrified by the discovery of an atiquated time machine like the one Trunks came in and a wicked-looking eggshell. voorkant
65 Piccolo regenerates Piccolo, who knows the true nature of Cell, regenerates his left arm, and then battles the rival Cell with his full powers. voorkant
66 Vegeta's resolution Having been bitterly defeated while a Super Saiyan in battle with #18, Vegeta resolves to surpass the level of a Super Saiyan. voorkant
67 Cell escapes Having made good his escape, Cell proceeded to attack people one after another. In order to store up life energy Cell needed more life essence, so he headed to the next city. voorkant
68 Bulma Bulma begins to check for #17 and #18's weak points using the designs of #17 that Trunks and the others found in the lab. voorkant
69 Krillin challenges Cell Krillin discovered Cell and for a fleeting moment, he challenged him but then quickly found himself backed into a corner. Piccolo and the others rushed to Krillin and he was saved. voorkant
70 Goku trains Goku and Gohan's place to train is at Kami's Lookout. In the Pendulum Room one can do a year of training in one day. Training is also stepped up for Vegeta. voorkant
71 Piccolo engages #17 #17 and the others head to the Kame House upon learning that Goku was not home. Then Piccolo goes to engage in battle with #17 and the others that appeared at Kame House. voorkant
72 Checklist voorkant
P-01 Goku transforms Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan through his battle with Frieza. The, in his battle with the Androids, he attempts to surpass his current level of Super Saiyan powers. voorkant
P-02 Trunks from the Future Trunks, who came from the future, brought special medicine for Goku who was destined to die of an infection before his battle with the Androids. voorkant
P-03 Frieza is revived Frieza was on the brink of death after his battle with Goku. The ship of Great King Cold, Frieza's father, rescued Frieza while he was floating in space. He was turned into a cyborg and revived. voorkant
P-04 The Androids mission Trunks, Piccolo and the others are done in. Krillin, the only one unharmed, asked #17 and the other Androids their mission. #17 answered that it is a game to defeat the strongest human being, Goku. voorkant
P-05 Goku is fully recovered At Kame House, the previously infected and bed-ridden Goku was fully recovered. Goku was setting his sights on surpassing the level of a Super Saiyan. voorkant
P-06 The amazing future The mystery boy, confident that he was speaking to Goku, told him about the amazing fututre and how Goku would die before battle. voorkant
P-07 Trunks and Krillin Trunks and Krillin discovered the design plans for #17 in Dr. Gero's lab. Then they destroyed the lab and headed to meet Vegeta for training. voorkant
P-08 Super Saiyan Trunks The boy defeated Frieza and the Great King Cold, who had snatched away the boy's sword in an attempt to slash him. The boy proceeds to destroy their spaceship. voorkant
P-09 Cell's strength Cell's strength was not as great as Piccolo had feared. But this time Cell displayed his Kamehameha capabilities. Piccolo could not hide his surprise at his feat. voorkant
P-10 Piccolo faces the greatest enemy ever Piccolo, who assimilated with Kami, now faced the greatest enemy ever. He had obtained Super Powers that were enough to make Vegeta rage. voorkant
C-01 Super Saiyans voorkant
C-02 Goku voorkant
C-03 Trunks voorkant
C-04 Super Saiyan Vegeta voorkant

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