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Ruilkaarten Chromium Serie

De serie bestaat uit 9 speciale kaarten en 80 gewone kaarten. Alle kaarten zijn glimmend. De kaarten worden verkocht in boosterpacks waarin 5 kaarten en 1 sticker kaart. In 1 op de 6 pakjes zit een speciale kaart. De boosterpacks kosten 8 gulden. De prijzen van de lossen kaarten zijn voor de gewone kaarten 2,50 en voor de speciale kaarten 25 tot 30 gulden.

Nr. Omschrijving Plaatje
S-01 Goku was momentarily concealing his force, so the scouter was unable to detect his strength. Goku repels their combination attack, the Purple comet flash, with one hand. plaatje
S-02 For Goku's companions, Gohan is the son of an important friend and the most trustworthy comrade. plaatje
S-03 When he first met all of them they were his powerful rivals, but later they became his most reliable friends. plaatje
S-04 Explosive rage! Goku, avenge us all! Frieza, having recognized Goku as a Super Saiyan, is enraged and extremely humiliated. plaatje
S-05 Goku dodges Frieza's attack. What will Frieza do? Declare Goku the victor? plaatje
S-06 Even evil dinosaurs exist in the mysterious world of Dragon Ball Z, so life there isn't easy! plaatje
S-07 The Z-Fighters, along with Goku, try to save the Earth. "Whoever the enemy may be, we will defeat them!" plaatje
S-08 Goku's happy, fun-loving family. Chi Chi demonstrates her radical driving technique while off-roading with her family. plaatje
S-09 The"Z" family reunion. "We are so excited about our next adventure!" plaatje
1 As a child of a Saiyan, he is originally sent to conquer the Earth, but he loses his memory and is raised as an Earthling. plaatje
2 He learns martial techniques from his adoptive grandfather Gohan. After meeting Bulma, he sets out on a journey of adventure. plaatje
3 Frieza could sense that something about Goku's strength was different than other previous Saiyans. plaatje
4 The super showdown begins! "I will destroy you!" cries Goku. In the next instant, Goku charges. At last the true battle has begun. plaatje
5 Gohan and Krillin feel impending doom of the super-showdown which is about to begin. They retreat to a safe place. plaatje
6 Goku's speed exceeds Burter's, who is known to be fastest in the universe. In order to show Jeice and Burter that his strength also exceeds their own, Goku knocks Burter out in one blow. plaatje
7 Goku, now a Super Saiyan, has enough power to overwhelm even Frieza, who has claimed the ultimate power in the universe. plaatje
8 Goku excelled in martial arts since he was a child, and with an aim to improve himself he rigorously trained under Master Roshi. plaatje
9 For Gohan, his father's abilities seem like a far-off goal. However, Goku recognizes the high level of Gohan's potential abilities. plaatje
10 The son of Chi Chi and Goku, Chi Chi tries to raise Gohan as an average boy, but his Saiyan blood drags him into battle. plaatje
11 There is no sign of Gohan being a brat anymore. "I'm going to be strong and keep the Earth at peace." plaatje
12 After escaping Dodoria's pursuit, Gohan and friends arrive to the cave where Bulma hid. They are very happy to hear that Goku is on his way to Planet Namek. plaatje
13 With Goku's encouragement, Gohan builds up his strength to battle with Vegeta. In the meantime, Goku transmits the remaining force of the Spirit Bomb to Krillin. plaatje
14 Recoome's Eraser Gun is about to give the finishing blow, but Gohan and Krillin insert an attack and save Vegeta. plaatje
15 Gohan was made to do unreasonably harsh training by Piccolo. At first he didn't like it, but in time he began to see that this was for his own good. plaatje
16 Gohan and Krillin chase after Frieza as they arrive at a village on Planet Namek. In order to steal the Dragon Balls, Frieza begins to kill the villagers. plaatje
17 Gohan breaks free of the space capsule which Raditz had imprisoned him in when he sees his father Goku in trouble. plaatje
18 Gohan, enduring solitaire training for half a year, has increased in strength both mentally and physically. plaatje
19 Upon arriving on King Kai's planet, they tell King Kai many bad jokes so that they can get permission to train there. plaatje
20 As a young-at-heart woman, Bulma's superior action power is no match for a man. She is the only daughter of the president of the Capsule Corporation. plaatje
21 Gohan and Krillin, watching the battle between Goku and Vegeta from afar, run into Yajirobe. Yajirobe catches Giant Monkey off guard when he cuts its tail with his sword! plaatje
22 Chi Chi and Ox-King know about Goku's death and Gohan's disappearance. plaatje
23 Getting ready for the final battle, Tien, Yamcha and Earth's soldiers have been training. plaatje
24 The situation changes! The warrior Piccolo arrives late. Frieza's amazing fighting power is pushing Gohan to the edge. Will this reverse the tide? plaatje
25 Master Roshi trained two boys, Goku and Krillin. They become rivals and best friends. plaatje
26 At first glance, Master Roshi is just an old man. However, he is actually the one whose name reverberates in the martial arts world -- the supreme martial master. plaatje
27 With Master Roshi as his master, Krillin undergoes training as a martial artist along with Goku. His combat ability is top level and he is a close friend of Goku. plaatje
28 Kami introduces Goku to King Yemma in order for him to get superior training from King Kai. plaatje
29 Goku is nearly crushed by the Giant Monkey as he attacks the Monkey's right eye. plaatje
30 Goku died in the battle with Raditz, but continues his training under King Kai. plaatje
31 Goku's fighting abilities increase to a power level of 5,000. Training in heavy gravity has made him so fast he can't even be seen by normal humans. plaatje
32 It has been 5 years since the championship tournament where master and student battled it out. Goku takes Gohan to visit Mater Roshi. plaatje
33 Goku learns about the arrival of Vegeta and Frieza on Planet Namek, and heads for Capsule Corporation on the Flying Nimbus. plaatje
34 Goku leaves for Planet Namek on the spaceship that Dr. Brief prepared! He will undergo an intense training session! plaatje
35 Responding to Raditz's attack, Goku counterattacks using the Kamehameha Wave, but even that doesn't work. plaatje
36 Frieza was slashed! While rejoicing in their victory, Goku and the others head home. But wait, Frieza appears! The Spirit Bomb had no effect on Frieza. plaatje
37 As a Saiyan, Vegeta originally came to Earth to conquer it, but was thwarted by Goku and his companions. After that he settled down on Earth. plaatje
38 Vegeta and Nappa have arrived on Earth. Their unbelievable power will be revealed at last! plaatje
39 The sky darkens as the two Saiyans land on Earth. The most destructive of all battles will begin! plaatje
40 Goku risks his life by using the Triple Kaio-ken to destroy Vegeta! Vegeta is stunned, but Goku's body inflicted damage by the power of the Triple Kaio-ken, too. plaatje
41 The wounded Vegeta releases an energy blast to destroy both Goku and Earth, but Goku retaliates with the Quadruple Kaio-ken attack. plaatje
42 Even Vegeta, who has explosive powered up, can't seem to affect Frieza. However, Vegeta knows that as a Super Saiyan he cannot lose, so he is up to the challenges. plaatje
43 Zarbon transforms into an ugly sight, overwhelmingly powering up! Now, the superior Vegeta can not keep up with the speed and power of Zarbon. plaatje
44 After saving Dende, Gohan and friends dine and feel a big force. It is Vegeta, who is destroying the village to steal the Dragon Ball. plaatje
45 Vegeta has confidence. Vegeta, who is supposed to be a Super Saiyan, challenges Frieza to a fight. But Frieza won't let Vegeta or the others near him. plaatje
46 Arriving one step ahead to Planet Namek was the evil King Frieza with Dodoria and Zarbon. Frieza attacks the village on Planet Namek to collect all of the Dragon Balls. plaatje
47 On Planet Namek, Vegeta and Zarbon display a violent battle. But Zarbon was hiding his true powers. plaatje
48 It is the arrival of the Ginyu Force! Vegeta, Gohan and Krillin agree to join forces this one time to fight the Ginyu Force. The only way to beat the Ginyu Force is to immortalize Vegeta using the Dragon Balls! plaatje
49 At full power, Vegeta launches a preemptive attack on Recoome. The fighting power of 20,000 hardly damages Recoome.... plaatje
50 When Goku sees the faces of his friends in the back of his mind, he risks it all with a Kaio-Ken x 20. Although he hurled a full-body Kamehameha, it didn't work on Frieza. plaatje
51 Frieza, who was irritated that Zarbon didn't come back, was informed that the Ginyu Force was deployed. The Ginyu Force is Frieza's treasured specialized fighters. plaatje
52 Frieza's power in his final transformation frightened Piccolo and the others even before the fight. Frieza's finger lights up and in the next instant the beam scores a direct hit on Dende. plaatje
53 An angry Gohan unleashes a powerful kick at Frieza. Gohan pummels Frieza with full power. Thunder strikes in his attacks. plaatje
54 Although Frieza collected all of the Dragon Balls, he doesn't know the procedure to get his wishes granted. In order to find out, Frieza goes to Guru. plaatje
55 Looking at Goku's calm and collected appearance, Gohan and Krillin become uneasy, thinking he doesn't realize the strength of his opponent... However, Goku knocks Recoome down in one swift blow! plaatje
56 Gohan attacked with full power. Thunder strikes but Frieza was not damaged. Frieza increases his fighting power and counterattacks Gohan. plaatje
57 With one blow, Goku defeats Recoome! Unbelievable strength! Can Goku be the legendary Super Saiyan...?! plaatje
58 The clash of two great super powers! The true war begins! Super powers explode -- can Goku win?! plaatje
59 Frieza fired a double energy disk, but it is dodged by Goku. It ends up slashing Frieza himslef. As Frieza begins to plead for his life, Goku shares some of his power with Frieza. plaatje
60 With two minutes left until Planet Namek explodes, Goku and Frieza battle fiercely as they try to settle the score once and for all. plaatje
61 Goku goes into a rage as he sees Piccolo and Krillin defeated. His anger overflows and envelopes his body in an feeling of strength. Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan. plaatje
62 The battle of Planet Namek ends with Goku's crushing victory. But then Goku is hit from behind by a final strike from Frieza! Goku blows Frieza away with a furious blast. Goku is victorious! plaatje
63 Frieza is totally confident that he can defeat even a Super Saiyan. However, the energy beams he fires from his fingers are completely dodged by Goku. plaatje
64 Gohan gained so much power, that he could even kill a dinosaur all by himself in irder to survive. plaatje
65 Upon escaping the space current, Planet Namek appears before them! When Gohan and friends arive, Planet Namek's Raiti and Zaacro are present. plaatje
66 Krillin prepares to release the Spirit Bomb with the help of Goku and aims at Vegeta. He fires the Spirit Bomb at Vegeta when he feels Vegeta's evil force. plaatje
67 Planet Kai where Recoome and others of the Ginyu Force appeared. Yamcha and crew are stunned upon seeing their fighting pose. plaatje
68 The Saiyans arrive on Earth earlier than expected. What is the fate of those of Earth's soldiers that stand up and fight? plaatje
69 Tien is a martial artist who takes on training under the instructions of Master Shen who is at war with Master Roshi. plaatje
70 With the death of Yamcha, Krillin's anger explodes. He defeats three Saibaimen one right after the other. plaatje
71 This is the alter ego that was born out of the Great Evil Piccolo just before his death. His heart began to open up even as he was going after the life of his enemy Goku. plaatje
72 Piccolo did not participate in the "kumite" training because he believed it to be foolish. Piccolo, however, was surprised by the growth of Yamcha and Tien with this special form of martial arts training. plaatje
73 Chi Chi tried to raise Gohan as an average, intelligent son but things did not go as she planned. plaatje
74 The enraged Dodoria blows away everything in his surroundings, and Gohan and friends barely escape from the scene. plaatje
75 On the 7th day away from Earth, Gohan and Krillin go through an extensive image training. All of a sudden, the spaceship is attacked! plaatje
76 Earth's soldiers getting ready for the final battle against this new threat. plaatje
77 Frieza asks Goku to become his apprentice. Of course, Goku rejects the offer. Frieza brags that he can defeat Goku with only 50% of his power, even considering Goku's hidden strengths. plaatje
78 Gohan transforms into a Giant Monkey and gets out of control, but Piccolo suppresses hum by destrouing the moon and cutting off Gohan's tail. plaatje
79 On the day of departure, Bulma wears a space suit, and she is stunned to see Krillin in his casual clothing and Gohan in his formal attire. They depart in an unpleasant mood. plaatje
80 Joining forces with Vegeta, Gohan and Krillin collect all of the Dragon Balls. But the moment Krillin hesitates, the Ginyu force appears and steals them away in an instant. plaatje

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